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Daniel Ndambuki

By October 16, 2017Stories

Daniel Ndambuki AKA “Churchill” is arguably the father of comedy in Kenya.

Churchill is an authentic patriotic Kenyan brand that has over the years brought laughter into Kenyan and East African homes with his clean family friendly humor every week through his show “Churchill Live turned Churchill Show.

He has also empowered a host of comedians through his platform,mentoring and encouraging them.He has managed to win hearts of Kenyan children and families by hosting a weekly segment on Churchill Show dubbed “Toto’s corner”

Churchill is a cut-across brand and has managed,through his show to interview influential personalities,politicians,children and even your regular kiosk owner because he believes everyone as a story.

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  • Jamal Fatah says:

    I just watched mc jessey comedy abt pple who will go to hell , I found his remarks as racist when he said Somalis won’t go to help cos they will bomb the place , nt all Somalis are terrorist u can nt paint everyone with the same brush . u can joke bt u can nt take yr jokes to far

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